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  • The Leader's Playbook ™will help you solve the tough, tougher, and toughest situations you will face as a leader.  Click here for the situations we're focusing on right now.

  • For those of you who want to develop a particular set of leader skills, you can find in-depth, how-to guides that take you through every step of the process.  the How to Lead Guides page is a handy resource for leaders.  
  • If you believe you're motivating people simply because they do what you've told them to do, think again.  Telling ain't motivating!  Check out The Leader's Playbook™ collection of ideas and thoughts on motivation and what motivation is and is not. 
  • On The Facts About Leadership page The Leader's Playbook™ tells it like really is when it comes to leading people. 
  • On the References for Leaders page, The Leader's Playbook™ does the reearch for you.  Check in here to see what the latest recommendations are for leaders' personal libraries. 
  • The Leader's Playbook™ Articles page is a collection of articles written by David Garic.  Fee free to download any of them for your own personal use.  We only ask that  you respect all copyright laws.

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